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Pioneer biorhythm researchers found that people tended to have more accidents on days in which either they physical or emotional cycles were passing through the zero point -- in short, on critical days in either of these cycles.

Even today, the primary reason that many industries have displayed a great interest in biorhythms is that they have been able to relate the critical days to employee accidents.  Avoiding accidents is simply good business.

The great attraction of biorhythms is that they are simple and practical.  You can look at a chart and say, "This is where my energy levels stand today."

Practicality is what has attracted so many industries to biorhythms.  If on-the-job accidents can be reduced, even by a few percentage points, that more than justifies whatever modest expense is involved in calculating the biorhythm of employees.  It is from industries that some of the more interesting recent statistics on biorhythms come.

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The previous are excerpts from Biorhythms In Your Life by Daniel Cohen, copyright 1976 by Fawcett Publications, Inc.  If you can pick up a copy, please do because it is very informative and even gives a breakdown on how to plot your own chart with pencil and paper.

For the last 7 years of my teaching career, I used my BioRhythm program to plot the compatibility between my students and me.  The results were surprisingly accurate and allowed me, as an adult teacher, to re-assess my teaching methods for those students who tended to rub me the wrong way.  It enabled me to back up and go that extra mile for those students.

I also ran a compatibility analysis for one of my friends and his son.  Unfortunately it was too late for the dad to make an extra effort to understand his son to make a difference.  The son was in his 20's and had sold his dad's car and used the money to leave home.  He and his dad did not get along at all throughout their relationship.  I was not surprised when the compatibility average was "zero" percent.

For a long time, my wife would place individual printouts side by side on our bedroom closet door.  This was a great help whenever we would start to have a difference of agreement in our marriage.  By looking at the chart, we could back up and look a little more closely at the issues on which we were headed toward conflict or disagreement.  I kind of miss those charts, but they became unnecessary as we grew to understand each other more and more.

George A. Lee
April 24, 1999
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