Young Family Photos provided William Bender

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Jennings Family 
Olon Young, 1941 US Army pfc unknown old lady - Maybe Beulah Bailey (Beulah Young Bailey) Sharon Young, 1976, age 28, Albuquerque portrait Thomas, Young, Lucille Carter, Henry Young, Olon Young, 1986--Galveston TX Henry Young, Eileen Young, Thomas Young playing dominos, 1986--Galveston, TX Thomas Yong, Olon Young, Lucille Carter, Eileen Young, Henry Young playing dominos, 1985--Galveston TX Henry Young, Lucille carter, Thomas Young, Olon Young, Henry's garage, 1986--Galveston TX
Josie Criddle in her garden, 6/4/1992--Vardaman MS Thomas Young and grandson Kurt Wolfe, last visit after radiation therapy, 4/28/91--Bergenfield, NJ Gerald Wayne Criddle, George Franklin Criddle, Eva Lynn Criddle, Carolyn Criddle Fiske holding granddaughter Lisa, family catfish fry, 6/9/92--Vardaman MS Linda Young, Michael age 12, Thomas Young, Lucille Carter, Josie Criddle, 4/8/90--Vardaman MS Michael and Linda at Waverly Plantation,  4/12/90--West Point, MS Michael, Thomas Young, Linda Young, 4/90---Grenada spillway, Granada MS Olon Young napping, 12/90--Vardaman MS
Thomas Young, Michael, Olon Young, 6/90--Grenada MS Thomas Young, Lucille's living room, 12/90--Vardaman MS Thomas Young selling his wood crafts at church fair, 10/90--Bergenfield NJ Lucille Carter, Josie Criddle, Linda Young, Susan Young, Sylvia Young, Olon Young, Thomas Young (seated), 4/90--Waverly Plantation West Point MS Olon Young, Sylvia Young, Josie Criddle playing dominos in Lucille's livingroom, 12/90--Vardaman MS Flowers from Benders at Thomas Young's funeral 5/91 Olon and Sylvia Young, church addition, 6/92--Columbus MS
Myrtle Bender watching Josie's cataract surgery, 6/23/92---Oxford MS Myrtle Bender, Susan Young, Lucille Carter, 6/92--Vardaman MS Olon Young, Myrtle Bender, Eugene Vanlandingham at Vardaman Community Center fish fry, 6/92

Olon Young, 6/92--Vardaman MS

Josie Criddle, Billie Whitt (Aunt Matt's youngest), Billie's wife Martha, 6/92 family fish fry at Vardaman Community Center Josie Criddle, Joyce, 4/90--Water Valley MS Thomas Young, granddaughter Nicole age 9 (Elaine's daughter) at double birthday party (he 2/7 and she 2/24), Elaine's house, 3/10/91--North Caldwell  NJ
Elaine's family with Thomas Young: Nicole, Lauren, Elaine, Phil with little Phillip.(Kurt was at college.) Olon Young, Sylvia Young, Lucille Carter, Josie Criddle, Susan and Thomas Young after his last car ride 5/5/91--Bergenfield NJ Kim (Joyce's adopted Korean daughter) and Michael (Linda's son) playing with puppies, 4/90--Water valley MS Lucille Carter, Sylvia and Olon Young, 5/91--Bergenfield NJ Susan and Thomas Young, 22nd wedding anniversary 3/3/91, 10 weeks before he died Thomas Young in front of his home, 4/91--Bergenfield NJ Thomas Young fishing, 4/90--McCondy MS
Michael (13), Thomas Young, Linda, 5/91--Bergenfield NJ Thomas Young and grandson Michael (12), 4/90--Grenada MS Kim, Larry and Joyce House, Josie Criddle, Lucille Carter, Olon and Sylvia Young, 6/92--Water Valley MS Josie Criddle and Myrtle Morris in Joyce's living room, 6/92--Water valley MS George Franklin Criddle and Myrtle Bender, family fish fry at Vardaman Community Center, 6/92 Sylvia Young mowing Lucille Carter's lawn, 6/92--Vardaman MS Thomas Young and Josie Criddle, 4/90--Waverly, West Point MS
Josie Criddle, Lucille Carter, Patricia and husband David, Sylvia Young, 5/91--Bergenfield NJ Sylvia Young, Josie Criddle and Patricia (Thomas Young's youngest daughter) at Joyce's house,  4/90--Water Valley MS Joyce (Josie's daughter) and Linda (Thomas' daughter, Joyce's house, 4/90--Water Valley MS Michael, Thomas Young and Olon Young cleaning fish, 4/90--Vardaman MS Thomas Young, Michael and Susan Young going fishing, 4/90 Josie Criddle in Joyce House's backyard, 4/90--Water Valley MS Josie Criddle and Lucille carter (foreground), Thomas Young and Michael (background), Fast's catfish pond,  4/90--McCondy MS
Chow line at Vardaman Community Center fish fry, 6/92 Joyce setting up ice cream maker , 6/92 Myrtle Bender, Olon Young, Owen Garner(husband of Betty Garner, Woodrow Young's daughter), Betty Garner, Eugene Vanlandingham, 6/92 Olon Young mowing Lucille's backyard, 6/92--Vardaman MS Myrtle Bender, Lucille Carter, Woodrow Young's daughters, Laverne and Betty, 6/92--Vardaman MS Close up of Josie's cataract removal, 6/92--Oxford MS Myrtle Bender and Josie Criddle, Lucille's backyard,6/92
Blue grass at Sleepy Hollow MS, 6/20/92 Phil, baby Philip (5 Mo.), Elaine, Kurt (14), Nicole (4), 4/85 David Hood (Theresa Graham's son)  She was killed in car wreck.  Grandmother is Myrtle Criddle Morris, great-grandmother is Josie Criddle back--Linda, Thomas and Susan Young, middle--Lucille Carter, Josie Criddle, front--Michael, 4/90 Vardaman MS Pete, Michael (7), Linda---Easter, 1985 Lucille Carter, Olon Young, Sylvia Young Joyce and husband

Third front left---Henry and Eileen Young at restaurant in Galveston(?)

Carol Sue Young's wedding portrait Linda Gail age 13 months George and Sharon (Young) Lee's house, 1308 East Alameda, Roswell NM, Christmas 1983 Freddie age 2, Christmas 1983, Roswell NM Oscar Young in front of Thomas  Young's Rambler 1960 Unknown
Janice Young, second grade Carolyn (Criddle) Fiske with two grandbabies, Lisa Fiske and Courtney Williams Jimmy Criddle's daughter, Patty Traci(?), 6th grade Patricia Young  (Thomas' youngest) senior photo 1971 Base housing Newport News VA--Hester Young, Eileen Young, baby Janice Young in playpen Great uncle Bill Callahan, (?) and (?)
Olon and Sylvia Young, Myrtle Bender, Josie Criddle, Lucille Carter, 6/92, Trojan restaurant, Bruce MS Felicia Myers and Josie Criddle, Cottonlandia Museum, 4/92---Greenwood MS Myrtle Criddle Morris, grandson Christopher (Rhonda's son), 6/92--Vardaman MS Freddie, his sweetheart, Fluffie(rescue), Sharon Young Lee Thomas Young, 12/82--Bergenfield NJ Myrtle Bender, Olon Young, Josie Criddle, Lucille Carter graves:  Woodrow Young, Hester Mae Callahan Young and Oscar Frank Young, Lucille and Charley Carter Moonshine still, Cottonlandia Museum, 6/92--Greenwood MS
Family Reunion, 6/13/92--Vardaman MS, Clyde Callahan, Marie Vanlandingham, Lucille Carter, Olon Young, Myrtle bender (seated), Corinne Parchman (seated), Inez Vanlandingham, Cecil Vanlandingham (Corinne's and Eugene's father), Sylvia Young, Eugene Vanlandingham Aubrey Wayne Criddle (‘Bubba’) hugging Lucille Carter; background: Clayton Myers(Sue Anne's husband), Larry House (Joyce's husband) Ruby Criddle (Jimmy's wife), Tammy Fiske (Carolyn's daughter) with baby Lisa Chowline: Kathy Williams, Tammy Fiske, Ruby Criddle,  Right side: Myrtle Morris, grandson, David Hood.  Background: David Wages, Olon Young, Myrtle Bender

Josie Criddle (standing), Myrtle Morris, Rhonda (Myrtle's youngest) and Shawn Harrison, 6/92

Glenn Criddle's dog Priscilla and cat Diamond, 6/92--Vardaman MS Myrtle Bender on Amtrak platform, 6/92--Minneapolis/St. Paul
Josie Criddle, Cottonlandia Museum, 6/92--Greenwood MS George Franklin Criddle, wife Diane, daughters Marsha and Michelle, holding Rhonda's baby, Brittany, 6/92 Josie Criddle, Myrtle Morris, Gerald Wayne Criddle in wheelchair, two of Josie's grandsons, Kenneth Jennings, Bubba's boy in red shorts fold down washbasin in Amtrak train, 6/92---Chicago to Grenada MS Clayton, Felicia and Sue Ann Myers, Myrtle Bender and Lucille Carter in Lucille's dining room, Vardaman MS Josie Criddle, son Glenn Criddle with pet dog and cat Joyce and Larry House, 6/92, family reunion
Myrtle Bender holding Rhonda's baby, Brittany  with Cecil and Marie Vanlandingham, Reunion, 6/92 Myrtle Bender, Josie Criddle, Felicia (7), Sue Ann Myers (standing) Sharon Young Lee and dog Freddie on Kawasaki 250, fall '82, Roswell NM Sharon ready to serve Christmas dinner 12/82--Roswell NM New Liberty Cemetery where Oscar Frank Young's parents are buried: Lucile Carter, Myrtle Bender, Olon and Sylvia Young, Josie Criddle, 6/92--Lew Liberty MS Kurt cleans windshield while Olon gases  up, Wyoming 1985 Sharon Young Lee with Freddie, winter 1982
Michael, 4/86 George Franklin Criddle, wife Diane, daughters Marsha and Michelle, Myrtle Bender in background Bobby and Theresa Graham Myrtle and LaRue Bender  in background in front of bookcase Myrtle Bender in aqua dress Pete, Michael and Linda, 1986, Tappan Springs, Florida George Lee, Freddie and Fluffie, Christmas, 12/84--Roswell NM
Henry Young in RV, 7/85--Galveston TX Kurt Wolfe atop Henry's RV, 7/85, Galveston TX Josie Criddle fishing at Fast's Catfish Pond, 4/90 Olon and Sylvia Young, 2/85, King's drive, Roswell NM Myrtle Bender (chair) first cousins Corinne Parchman, Inez Vanlandingham, Junior Callahan (Clyde Callahan's son) Josie Criddle, Sue Ann Myers, Olon Young, Felicia Myers and tour guide, Cottonlandia Museum, 6/92--Greenwood MS Lucille Carter, Sue Ann Myers, Felicia Myers, Josie Criddle, Cottonlandia Museum, 6/92--Greenwood MS
Mikey, Linda, Thomas Young, Father's Day 6/81 Susan Young (Thomas' wife) 1/86 Thomas and grandson, Michael with day's catch, Lucille's carport, 4/90--Vardaman MS Olon Young and Myrtle Bender  getting into Olon's van, 4/90--Vardaman MS Myrtle (Criddle) Morris and Theresa Graham Myrtle (Criddle) Morris and Theresa Graham Myrtle Bender, Olon Young, Josie Criddle, 6/92, New Liberty MS
Sharon Young Lee with Freddie at Prairie Dog Town, Lubbock TX 1982 Lucille Carter and Thomas Young, 7/85--Spokane WA Bobby and Theresa Graham Lucille Carter, Linda and Thomas Young,4/90--Ellzey MS David Hood (Theresa's son) and Kim House (Joyce's daughter) at Theresa's wedding Bobby Graham Lucille Carter's church, Vardaman MS
Reunion, Vardaman Community Center , Mr. and Mrs. David Wages and sons, David's stepfather, Avery Garner.  (David is Woodrow Wilson Young's grandson.  Woodrow died at age 21) Thomas Young, 4/90--Fast's Catfish farm, McCondy MS Sharon and George Lee's Christmas tree 12/84---Olon Young, standing Family graves at Ellzey Cemetery, 6/92--Woodrow Wilson Young, Hester Mae (Callahan) Young and Oscar Frank Young, Lucille (Young) Carter and Charley Carter Thorn MS water tower with sweet potato on it,6/92 Donald and Cora Mae Criddle with two grandchildren Danielle and Jeremy, 6/92 Reunion, Vardaman MS Felicia Myer, Sue Ann Myer, Myrtle bender, Lucille Carter, 6/92--family reunion
Cottonlandia Museum, Greenwood MS-- reproduced room from Le Flore Plantation LaRue Bender and Myrtle Bender, Henry Young, Lucille Carter, Thomas Young, Josie Criddle, Olon Young, 7/77 Josie Criddle, Glenn Criddle, Myrtle Bender Olon prepares strawberries, Lucille's dining room, 6/92 Ellzey Cemetery, 6/92--Ellzey MS Myrtle Bender with Rhonda's daughter Brittany (Josie's great granddaughter), Cecil and Marie Vanlandingham, 6/92 and Thomas Young 4/90--Fast's Catfish Farm
Reunion chow line, 6/92,--Vardaman MS--Tammy Fiske, Rhonda Harrison (Josie's granddaughter), Carolyn Fiske , Joyce House, Myrtle Morris (all three Josie's daughters), David Hood (Josie's great grandson), Inez Vanlandingham, Junior Callahan On the back roads with Olon Young at the wheel, 6/92, Calhoun County MS Cecil Vanlandingham, Lucille Carter (his niece), Marie Vanlandingham (Cecil's wife), 6/92--Vardaman MS Sylvia and Olon Young, 6/92--Vardaman MS Reunion, 6/92--Lucille Carter, Clyde Callahan, Eugene Vanlandingham and wife Inez, Corinne Parchman, Ann and Billy McCord ( Lucille's pastor and wife), Josie Criddle in background Sharon Young Lee with Fluffie (white) and Freddie (black) Dugout canoe used to transport moonshine, Cottonlandia Museum, Greenwood MS, 6/92--Josie Criddle, Olon Young (hidden), Myrtle Bender (chair), tour guide, Felicia Myers, Sue Ann Myers
Myrtle Bender and Lucille Carter, 6/92--Lucille's dining room, Vardaman MS reunion 6/92--"Bubba" Aubrey Wayne Criddle, his mother Evelyn Criddle, Rhonda Harrison (Josie's granddaughter), Lucille Carter (background), Olon Young's van(right) Olon Young, Lucille Carter, Felicia Myers, Josie Criddle, Myrtle Bender (chair), 6/92--Cottonlandia Museum, Greenwood MS Swamp scene, Cottonlandia Museum, 6/92--Greenwood MS Reunion--Clyde Callahan Jr., Marie Vanlandingham, Lucille carter, Olon Young, Myrtle Bender(seated),Inez Vanlandingham, Cecil Vanlandingham, Sylvia Young, Eugene Vanlandingham, Corinne Parchman (foreground) Lucille at sewing machine shortening Myrtle's nightgowns, 6/92--Vardaman MS Sylvia (Jennings) Young, 12/84--Roswell NM
Sharon Young Lee, Parents’ house on King's Drive, Roswell NM.  She knitted the sweater she is wearing. Olon Young and Henry young, Eileen Young, seated, 7/85--Spokane WA Herrickville PA Wesleyan Methodist church picnic, 1949: (standing)---Minnie Jennings, Sylvia Jennings Young, man, Hester Mae Young, Oscar Frank Young, woman, Bill Callahan, lady's forehead, Mr. Whitmore, man, George Spencer Jennings, young man. (squatting)--Olon Ottis Young holding squirming daughter Sharon Young, Donna Lou Jennings, Joy Whitmore holding tot, Jacqueline Jennings, Richard Jennings, tot in front Thomas Young, Pete and Linda, 1/86      


Jennings Family