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Jennings Family 
Lucille Carter, Olon Young, Sylvia Young Theresa Graham and Jimmy Criddle (her uncle) David Hood , Theresa's son (Josie's grandson) Myrtle Bender in hospital, Easter 1980 Michael and Thomas Young on garage roof, 10/81, Bergenfield NJ Olon Young framing garage, 10/81, Bergenfield NJ Olon Young cutting studs, 10/81, Bergenfield NJ
Theresa Criddle and Josie Criddle Thomas Young and grandson Michael, Linda's living room Sam (helper) and Thomas Young, 10/81, Bergenfield NJ Buddy (28) and Billy (23), brothers with their new ambulance Thomas Young and Phil (Elaine's husband) cleaning rug in Phil's living room, 8/81, Morris Plains NJ Thomas Young and granddaughter Nicole (6 months), 8/81, Morris Plains NJ David Hood, Theresa's first husband and David's father
Thomas Young's granddaughter Nicole (6 months) , 8/81, Morris Plains NJ Dale and Myrtle Morris, daughter Theresa and David Hood, Theresa's first husband Thomas Young and Olon Young installing garage door, 10/81, Bergenfield NJ Beulah and W.H. Bailey on his birthday, 5/76, Derma MS Thomas and Olon Young working on garage door, 10/81, Bergenfield NJ Janice Young, Sylvia and Olon Young, Christmas 1978, Roswell NM Kurt Wolfe, Elaine's son, 8/81, Morris Plains NJ
George Lee and Olon Young, Christmas 1978, Roswell NM Olon Young and Thomas Young measuring for garage, 10/81, Bergenfield NJ Beulah Bailey at husband's grave, 1980, Derma MS Sam (helper), Michael and Thomas Young at garage, 10/81, Bergenfield NJ Jimmy Criddle with little girl Sharon Young Lee and George Lee, 5/27/78, first wedding anniversary Janice Young, senior photo, 1968
Rhonda Morris (Myrtle Criddle's youngest daughter) Thelma Helen Carol Sue Young, senior photo, 1963? Janice Young, senior photo, 1968 Rhonda Morris, 13--birthday is July 23 Benji (4) and Natalie (2) Missy and Jennifer, Carol Sue's girls
Carol Sue, Missy (6) and Jennifer (4) Theresa Graham's children, David Hood (7) and Paige (6 months) Sharon Young Lee (40), 6/88 George Lee (42), 6/88 Jennifer (6), Jennifer (4), Carol Sue Young Short's girls Rhonda Morris Missy (12) , Jennifer (11), Gordon (2), Carol Sue's children
Carol Sue Young (Henry's daughter) Rickey (10) Benjamin Joel, 1978  Missy Short (11), Jennifer (9), Gordon Hance (1), girl in rear is Angela Hance, Carol Sue's stepdaughter Natalie Krishna (6 Weeks), Myrtle Bender's granddaughter Jerilee (9), Jeffrey (7), 11/66 Mark and Mindy (Joe and Joanna's children)
Tom's business card Jimmy Criddle and wife Robbie Theresa Morris, Myrtle Morris' daughter three boys, unknown Susan and Thomas Young, Linda (back), Lucille Carter, Josie Criddle (middle), Michael (Lind's son) in front, 4/90, Vardaman MS couple unknown Carol and Clem Callahan
Sylvia Jennings and Olon Young, courting, 1945 Noah Criddle, Gerald Wayne Criddle, Donald Criddle, Glenn Criddle, Jimmy Criddle, Josie Criddle, Carolyn Criddle, Myrtle Criddle and Joyce Criddle. (oldest, George Franklin Criddle was working in Chicago, 1956 back--three unknown neighbors, Beulah and W.H. Bailey, front--neighbor, Hester Mae and Oscar F. Young, hidden behind Mr. Bailey, Sylvia Young, 1956 Buddy, graduation Henry Young and LaRue Bender, WWII Oscar F. Young, Olon Ottis Young (17), Hester Mae Young, 1941 Oscar F. Young and Hester Mae Young, 50th wedding anniversary, 1956
Myrtle Criddle Joyce Criddle Carolyn Criddle George Franklin Criddle (Josie's eldest) Gerald Wayne Criddle, senior photo Donald Criddle Donald Criddle
Jimmy Criddle George and Sharon Lee, 12/81 Sue Ann Myers, son Marshall Lee Myers Clockwise from top--Lucy (Donald's oldest), Rhonda (Myrtle's youngest), Patty (Jimmy's), Theresa (Myrtle's oldest) Sylvia and Olon Young's wedding photo, 5/11/1946 unknown baby Oscar F. Young and Hester Mae Young, Bender's place,1945, Herrickville PA
Sylvia Jennings and Olon Young, dating, 1946 Oscar F. Young, Beulah Young Bailey, Arthur Young---siblings Oscar F. Young with team unknown family Front--Joyce Criddle, Oscar Young, Sharon Young, Myrtle Criddle, Janice Young, Carolyn Criddle (kneeling), Charley's grandson, Donald Criddle, Jimmy Criddle in front of Donald. Beside Oscar--Hester Mae Young, Lucille Carter, Bill Callahan. Third row--Gerald Wayne Criddle, Josie Criddle, Olon and Sylvia Young. Porch--man, Beulah Bailey, Eva Lynn Criddle, 1956,Thorn MS Pastor Lombard and wife, Hester Mae and Oscar Young's 5oth wedding anniversary, 1956, Thorn MS unknown
flowers on Woodrow W. Young's grave girl with chow Oscar F. Young with team Bill Callahan, Charley Carter, Grandpa Anderson Callahan, Lucille Carter, Pansy Callahan (girl), Grandma (Cook) Callahan, Josie Criddle, Oscar F. Young, Gerald Wayne Criddle, Hester Mae (Callahan) Young, unknown, unknown Myrtle and Larue Bender, unknown babies, 1971 Sylvia Young, Sharon Young, Olon Young, Little girl, baby, lady, Oscar Young, Sunday dinner Bill Callahan, Sylvia Young, Sharon Young, Olon Young, little girl, lady with baby, Oscar F. Young, Hester Mae Young, Sunday dinner
Thomas Young Clyde Callahan, daughters Pansy and Mabel, 1937 San Antonio TX Oscar and Hester Mae Young, Seated are Mr. and Mrs. Anderson Callahan, Hester's parents Mr. and Mrs. Anderson Callahan, 1937 Thomas Young, Lucille Carter, Josie Criddle, Susan Young, Kurt Wolfe, Mary Adams, LaRue and Myrtle Bender Jimmy Criddle with baby, Lucille Carter (background) Josie Criddle, Larry House, Charley and Lucille Carter
Thomas Young, Lucille Carter, Josie Criddle, and Myrtle Bender Glenn Criddle in front of his van Josie Criddle with son Glenn Criddle Thomas Young, Michael and Sam (helper), 10/81 Olon Young built this house, 1971, Ditzler Avenue, Biglerville PA Billy, Buddy and grandson Lee Ethel Mae and Lee Dunlap wedding, 1963
Buddy, 21st birthday Susan and Thomas Young  with baby Kurt Wolfe, 3/71 Kurt Wolfe, Elaine's son, 3/71 boy, Henry Young, Hester Mae Young, 1/65 Aubrey Wayne Criddle Marty Wayne Sharon Young (11), 6th grade, 1959
David Hood David Hood (7) Sonya (George Franklin Criddle's daughter) Michelle, 1st grade, 1973 Travis (5), 1972 Eddie Noel (George Franklin Criddle, father, three sons Joey, Dana and Eddie Noel) Carolyn Criddle 1967-68
Billy, Buddy and grandson Lee Judy Carol Theresa, 1979 Theresa unknown Glenn's son 4 unknown ladies
3 unknown seniors angels unknown unknown Michael (Thomas Young's grandson) 8/82, Teaneck NJ Lucille Carter combing Myrtle Bender's hair, 7/77--Bergenfield NJ Charley and Lucille Carter's 50th wedding anniversary, 8/20/1978, Vardaman MS
Eileen Young (Henry Young's wife) Vardaman MS Lucille Carter, Josie Criddle, Myrtle Criddle Morris, 8/78 Josie Criddle, Olon Young, 8/78--Vardaman MS Elaine Young, Linda Young, Elaine's wedding, 11/12/77 Elaine Young (bride), son Kurt Wolfe, father Thomas Young 11/12/77 unknown Elaine Young and Thomas Young 11/12/77
Thomas Young with grandson Kurt Wolfe (5), 6/75 LaRue Bender, Henry and Eileen Young, 7/85--Spokane WA Elaine, Kurt (6 months) Carl Wolfe (Kurt's father), 3/71 Roadside rest--Top: Kurt Wolfe, LaRue Bender, Susan Young, Myrtle Bender, Lucille Carter.  Front: Thomas Young Thomas and Susan Young's house, 8/75--Bergenfield NJ man, Phil and Elaine, Thomas Young, others unknown, 11/12/77 Lucille Carter and Josie Criddle, '85 trip to Spokane WA
Young family, Thanksgiving in Vardaman, MS, 1976 Elaine, nephew Michael, 12/31/77 Thomas Young, Thanksgiving 11/87--Bergenfield NJ Kenneth Jennings, Biglerville PA Olon and Sylvia Young, backyard of Ditzler Avenue, Biglerville PA unknown woman and boy Thomas Young and grandson Michael, Easter Sunday 1980--Bergenfield NJ
Thomas Young and Piffle, Christmas 1970 Linda, Thomas Young and Michael Thomas, 2 days old, Columbia Presbyterian Hospital NYC, 12/15/1977 Linda and Michael, first day home, Bergenfield NJ Myrtle Bender and Lucille Carter, 7/85 Beulah Bailey and nephew Thomas Young, 8/78--Vardaman MS Olon Young, LaRue Bender, Myrtle Bender, 7/85--Spokane WA Olon Young seeing Beulah bailey home, 8/78--Derma MS
Josie Criddle, Olon Young, Beulah Bailey, Lucille Carter, Thomas Young, William Henry Young in front of Olon's Volvo, 11/76 Elaine, Kurt, Lind and baby Michael 12/77--Bergenfield NJ Louise's two boys and their ambulance Kurt Wolfe, 3 months, 12/70 Carol Sue Young (16), date reflected in mirror Thomas Young and Carl Wolfe with baby Kurt Wolfe (6 months) Thomas Young making a fire, 11/85
Buddy (21) and grandmother 1/72 Olon Young and Lucille Carter, Galveston TX Louise's daughter and husband, their son, 4/80 Josie Criddle, Gerald Wayne's daughter Judy, her baby Shanda, Jimmy Criddle, 7/82--Galveston TX Thomas, Beulah bailey, 11/76 William Henry Young 12/59 boy, Henry Young, Hester Mae Young, 1/60
Susan and Thomas Young eating watermelon 8/78--Vardaman MS Josie Criddle, Beulah Bailey, Sylvia Young, Susan Young, 8/78 Thomas Young with grandson Philip (2), 2/87--North Caldwell NJ Lucille Carter, Matt Callahan Whitt, Josie Criddle in Aunt Matt's kitchen 11/76

Herbie, waiting for his master (Thomas Young) to come home, 11/75

Olon Young (seated), Henry (standing), Thomas Young, Lucille carter, fish fry, 8/78--Vardaman MS Olon Young, Thomas Young, 7/82--Galveston TX
Charley Carter, Myrtle Bender, Lucille Carter, Josie Criddle, 7/77--Palisades Cliffs NJ Patricia, Elaine, Thomas Young, Linda, 11/77 Josie Criddle, Eileen Young, 7/85 Tillie's boy Thomas Young Thomas Young with Elaine's youngest, Lauren (15 months), 11/87--New Caldwell NJ Joey,  Eileen Young, Bill Young, Carter 50th anniversary registry, 8/78--Vardaman MS
Thomas Young, Elaine (bride) 11/77 Elizabeth, Josie Criddle, Shanda, Judy (Susan's sister), 7/82--Galveston TX unknown, me and youngest daughter, Ethel Mae On Aunt Matt's porch: Thomas Young, Mattie (Callahan) Whitt, Charley Carter, Kenneth Jennings, Lucille Carter, Allie Whitt, Sylvia Jennings Young, Josie Criddle, Olon Young. Top steps: Jennifer, Audrey, Missy, Rhonda Morris. Bottom steps: Kurt Wolfe, Aubrey, Theresa Lucille Carter, Henry Young, Thomas Young, Olon Young--Galveston TX girl with Christmas tree cake lady and husband set up Carter 50th wedding anniversary cake, 8/78--Vardaman MS

Thomas Young, Olon Young, Lucille Carter, 7/82--Vardaman MS

Thomas Young, granddaughter Lauren  (6 months), 2/87--North Caldwell NJ Kurt Wolfe eyeing cake, 8/78--Vardaman MS

Myrtle Bender and Lucille Carter washing dishes, 7/77--Bergenfield NJ

George Lee tossing sand, Navajo Reservation at Crown Point NM, 2/78 Julie's boy Lucille Carter, Josie Criddle
Josie Criddle, Lucille Carter, Thomas Young, Myrtle Bender, 7/77--Palisades Cliffs NJ Buddy's high school graduation and Ethel Mae, 1972 Standing-unknown, seated-Myrtle Bender Thomas Young, Judy Criddle and daughter Shanda, 7/82--Galveston TX Lucille Carter, Josie Criddle Charley Carter, Lucille, Thomas Young, Josie Criddle, 7/77--Bergenfield NJ Thomas Young and Henry Young, 7/82--Galveston TX
Henry Young, Kneeling, and fishing buddies Linda Young, Phil, Patricia and Kurt, 11/78--Bergenfield NJ Thomas Young, NJ Lucille Carter, Susan Young, 7/82--Galveston TX Kurt Wolfe feeds Michael, 12/77--Bergenfield NJ Charley and Lucille Carter, 5oth anniversary, 8/78

Kurt Wolfe, ring bearer at mother Elaine's wedding to Phil (second husband), 11/77

Thomas Young, 11/77--Bergenfield NJ Henry Young phoning Benders, 8/78--Vardaman MS Cora Mae and Lucille with anniversary gifts, 8/78 Kurt Wolfe (top), LaRue Bender, Susan Young, Myrtle bender, Lucille Carter, Thomas Young (floor man, LaRue Bender, Myrtle Bender, Sylvia Young--Biglerville PA Charley and Lucille Carter eating anniversary cake, 8/78 Thomas Young, Lucille Carter, 7/82--Galveston TX
Olon Young and Thomas Young with watermelon, 7/82--Vardaman MS Thomas Young, grandsons Kurt and Michael on Thomas' birthday, 2/24/80 Myrtle Bender, Lucille Carter, Josie Criddle, 7/77--Bergenfield NJ Paul and Carlene and daughter Nancy 1975 unknown Thomas Young and Herbie, 10/75

Audrey Jane (left) and Aubrey Wayne (right), Gerald Wayne's fraternal twins, at Disneyland, Florida

Helen and Dave's wedding, 1960 Buddy and Billy 1972 Kurt Wolfe and grandfather, Thomas Young, 11/77 Lucille Carter and Shanda (Judy's daughter, Gerald Wayne's granddaughter), 7/82--Galveston TX Thomas and Susan Young, Olon Young--Biglerville PA Olon Young in chair inherited from his father, Oscar F. Young.  Sylvia and Sharon recovered the chair with a fabric remnant. Charley and Lucille Carter, Sylvia Young, Eileen Young, 8/78--Vardaman MS
George Lee, Roswell NM.  His mother made the chess set behind him.            



Jennings Family