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We Support
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My sister, H. Marie (Ilean) Lee Podmore Douglas

Born November 30, 1942

Died February 9, 2004

Devoted sister, mother, and grandmother to the end, we will miss her and her humor.  This dedication seems appropriate because Marie (Ilean) became very attached to her computer and her computer friends on game sites in the past few years.  There were many times when I received frantic phone calls from Ilean telling me that she was "going through withdrawals" because her internet connection wouldn't work.  I would go out to the office at any hour to get her up and running again.  Sometimes I would get annoyed, but then would feel joy that she was involved with her internet friends and that I could help her to maintain that friendship.  I will miss her calls and our meetings on Yahoo Messenger on Sunday mornings.  It won't be the same for my sister Ann, my brother Brian, and myself in our Yahoo meetings.  We Love You, Marie and Miss You.  May God Bless and Keep you safe until we meet again.

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Fluffie Lee

October 1983 - March 9, 1995

When Fluffie first came to our house in 1984, she was dirty and had little fur.  It appeared that she had been living under automobiles.  She would crawl under the fence and play with Freddie every day.  I remember when Sharon first chased her away; she turned back and looked at Sharon with soulful eyes and melted Sharon's heart.  We are not dog-nappers so we would shoo her away.  After two kids came to our door in April 1984 and took her away claiming they knew who she belonged to, she came back after about two weeks looking worse than she did when they took her.  We had cleaned her up so we wouldn't worry about Fred catching anything from her.  When she came back, we took her to the vet and had all of her shots and the parasites cleaned from her inside and out, ran up a $300+ vet bill so we would have a reason for her owners to not claim her.  She and Fred had a love for each other that many people would kill for.  We still think of her often and miss her warmth and love.  She loved green grass, flowers, and butterflies as well as Freddie.

Freddie Lee

March 1981 - July 07, 1999

This page is dedicated to my BEST friend who was loyal to the end.  He came to work with me every morning for the past 9 years until 1-1/2 years ago.  Fred, until 11 days prior to his death, performed his nightly vigil of making the perimeter rounds before his family was safely tucked in for the night.  We, Sharon and I, miss him.

The insert (top right) was Freddie's life-long friend and companion until her death in 1995.  He rescued her from the cold and hunger that she had experienced prior to meeting Fred.  They are buried side by side and will be together forever to romp and play in the grassy fields in Heaven.

Bonnie Lee

May 1998 - October 28, 1999

Bonnie and her brother Clyde moved in just after my triple by-pass surgery.  She was a "free-spirit" and wouldn't stay at home.  Clyde, her brother, needed special care when their mother found that he was a little defective.  Bonnie left the litter to care for Clyde when he was chased out.  They arrived at the Lee home on July 4, 1998 where they were loved by all its inhabitants.  Bonnie and Clyde would crawl into Freddie's bed and comfort and clean him in his last weeks.  Bonnie was hit by a car that didn't stop.  I guess that there are some people who take life too lightly.  We, at the Lee house and our friends, will miss her.

Tina (Clark) Lee
November 1984-April 18, 2002

Tina arrived at the Lee household March of 1996.  She was 12 years old.  The vet tried to warn us that she would probably not live very long because of health problems; congestive heart failure, etc.  Fortunately, the vet was wrong.  We were blessed with her for 6 years.  Tina was a fighter and overcame her health problems, but succumbed to heart failure the 24th of April, 2002.  She was a tiny little Tina and was very affectionate to all who met her.  It DOES pay to adopt an older pet whose original owner cannot or is too aged to care for it.  Her memory still shines in our hearts.  Now, she can play with Freddie, Fluffie, and Bonnie in Doggie Heaven.

Samson (Pacheco) Lee

May 1995 - November 28, 2007

Samson first arrived at the Lee house as a kitten and was chased up a tree by Jasmine.  I rescued Sam and put him outside the fence where he went to live with the elderly neighbors.  After he grew to adulthood, he terrorized Jasmine to get back at her.  After the Pacheco's moved to their children in Santa Fe, he kicked around and would visit for a month or two at a time, but there was no taming him.  He always took refuge here after his fights to recuperate.  After Fred died, he decided to retire to the Lee home where he protected our motorcycles, my office, and the yard from stray alley cats.  Those fights finally caught up with him and destroyed his immune system.  We love and miss him (I most of all because he was totally dedicated to me) he never scratched me when I doctored him and was extremely delicate to me with my heart condition.  When I would nap on the office couch, he would inch his way up the back until at least one paw was tenderly placed on my head or arm and sleep until I got up.

My Little Brother, Brian Roger Lee, Sr.
Born: October 11, 1948
Died: October 31, 2012

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Clyde Lee
May 1998 - March 1, 2013
Clyde showed up at the Lee household with his sister Bonnie (above) on July 4, 1998.  He was a devoted soul who cared for everyone and adopted all the Lee animals as his own.  He took care of Freddie during the last week before Freddie died, cuddling him and licking his fur to keep him clean.  He slept with Freddie in Fred's bed and took over Fred's yard chores of checking the perimeter each night.  After Freddie's passing, he made a new kitten, Dax, feel welcome and loved.  He made sure that we were all tucked in our beds at night before going out to enjoy the night air.  Whenever I was concerned as to his whereabouts, I would call his name and he would come running meowing all the way to let me know that he heard me.  He was very talkative and always spoke to everyone who came to visit.  When he got concerned over my irregular breathing in the night, he would reach his paw to my face until I stirred.  Once he was satisfied that I was okay, he would curl up at the foot of the bed and sleep comfortably until dawn.  His passing was sudden and from illness.  We at the Lee house miss him immensely.

Jasmine Lee
May 1994 - Oct 1, 2013

Jasmine was such a loving and caring cat.  She moved in shortly after Fluffie's passing to help fill the void.  We didn't expect her.  Sharon and I were not "cat people" and were surprised when one morning, Sharon went outside to open the gate in preparation for her trek to work one morning.  When she came back into the house to finish her breakfast, there was a cat sitting under her chair in the kitchen.  She promptly told me what had happened and I kiddingly told Freddie, "Freddie, breakfast is sitting under the chair in the kitchen."  He shrugged and stayed lying on the foot of the bed.  I got up and took him outside for him to do his thing and when we went outside the kitchen door, there was this beautiful cat curled up on the hood of Sharon's truck.  I reiterated the same "breakfast" message to Fred and he turned to look and after showing no interest, turned back toward the back yard.  Sharon telephoned me on her way to work telling me that if we were ever to get a cat, it would have to be exactly like that one.  I explained to her that if the cat ventured into an occupied house, then that cat probably had her "bag and baggage" with her and had moved in.  Sharon then asked if she should pick up some cat food on her way home from work and replied, "Obviously."  I found later that many of our neighbors had tried adopting Jasmine but she would not stay with them.  After about a year of off and on stays in our home, she permanently took up residence with us.  She would protect Freddie from Tina's jealous attacks and protect Tina from thunderstorms.  She even tried to protect the paperwork on my desk from my secretary and Sharon.  She helped to train Bonnie and Clyde to respect the home.  Next to Freddie, I will miss her the most.  We had to put her down almost a year after she developed a "malignant sarcoma" which caused her to bleed excessively from a growth on her paw.  After two or three operations, we elected to have it re-bandaged once a week by the vet until it appeared that it was uncomfortable for her to get around anymore.

Alyce Lee
September 2012 - August 24, 2019
Alyce was our fairy princess, all delicate pink and snowy white, bejeweled with pale jade eyes. She always wore a pink collar to match the soft pink inside her pert little ears.  Alyce moved with the gossamer grace of a not quite earthbound creature.  She was very particular about patrolling the condition of her litter box.  If it didn't meet her standards, she sat outside of it, looking at me quite primly, waiting for me to catch on that I should do something about it. As any princess, she loved comfort.  She was not in the least interested in roughing it.  She loved to find spots that complimented her gorgeousness.  Then she would arrange herself just at the right angle to take perfect advantage of all it could do to for her royal little self. The boy cats paid court to her, as if they were knights of old, catering to her every whim.  The cat towers belonged to HER.  She allowed her adoring subjects to pass through the ground floor of them, but not to ascend to the upper tiers. She was not imperious as was Queen Jasmine, but her shy little feminine self was definitely very special.  Oh, how we do miss her! -- Sharon Lee

Dax Lee
July 1999 - March 21, 2019
I could speak volumes about Dax, from the first time I saw him hiding under my car in front of the right front tire with his huge gray eyes that appeared larger than his ears through the first time I chased him and flipped the four-poster bed trying to capture him for his first trip to the Vet and beyond to his death 20 years later.  I had just lost Freddie (see above) and about a month after losing him, my son came into the house and told me that there was a kitten under my car.  When I got him out from under the car, I took him into the house where he made his nest behind my recliner where I sat in the evenings to watch television.  He apparently sneaked out in the nights to eat the food that we had put out for him and to make friends with Clyde (see above). Clyde would let Dax suckle him to feel comfortable and wanted.  They became inseparable as best buddies.  Dax became the "Mighty Hunter" when he brought home a rabbit that was almost twice his size.  He would take prairie dogs and birds.  The birds would call to each other to let each know that Dax was out on the hunt.  I had even seen whenever Dax would want to rest outside, he would lie against the chain-link fence so the birds couldn't attack him while he slept.  I had even seen him walk across the back yard ignoring the birds buzz-bomb him; swooping and pecking at him. He would let the birds build up their confidence and linger in their flight a little too long and that is when he would spin into the air to catch them.  After Clyde passed, Dax took Clyde's job of sticking close to me to make sure that I was still okay and alive.  It did however, take about 3 years before Dax would let me pick him up to cuddle him if only for a minute or two and then he wanted out of our arms. In the two years before Dax's passing, he would push his head against mine and Sharon's and would talk to us unceasingly when he was hungry.  About two months prior to his passing, Sharon would take him upstairs on my chair lift and he loved it.  Whenever he felt it was time to go upstairs (for us), he would go to the bottom step and wait patiently for his ride.

After Clyde passed in 2013, we took Dax in for his checkup and more shots and discovered that through his years of being an outdoor cat, he had contracted FIV which is the equivalent of HIV in humans. He surprised the Vets that he lasted so long with the FIV (it wasn't the FIV that took him, it was old age).