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The address on this announcement was 1977. Our current is on the Home Page.

George & Sharon Lee | Announcement and Letter | Wedding Photos
Invitation Photo

We, Sharon Sylvia Young and George Arthur Lee,
are most happy to inform you that we exchanged our
marriage vows in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on May 27, 1977.

We are presently residing at 920 Continental
Loop, S.E., Apartment #64, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108.
Our telephone number is (575) 266-6301.  We welcome
you, our friends and relatives, to visit us.

Nuestra casa es su casa.

   We were married on May 27, 1977, at 7:00 P. M. by Reverend Don Benson, a retired Baptist missionary from the Philippines who now pastors a new Baptist church here in Albuquerque.  However, since that church is under construction, we had the wedding in the social room at the Warren Continental Apartments where we live.


The wedding was a simple one.  Janice described it as "simple but elegant".  She flew out for the occasion on Thursday afternoon.  A great deal of credit goes to her for arranging for everything to go so smoothly.

We recorded the ceremony so that Mom and Dad and George's family would get a chance to hear it.  Also, we wanted a permanent record of our vows for our own benefit in the years to come.  Lots of people took pictures, so we will have a lovely pictorial record as well.

I borrowed my dress from one of my new cousins, Mrs. Sharon Garcia.  Patti Bell and Michele Casadona,  my two closest friends with whom I work at Quinn & Co., Inc., bought the flowers for the wedding.  For me they picked a colonial bouquet of daises and baby's breath.  I wore daisies in my hair to match.

George baked the wedding cake.  We wanted something that both looked and tasted good.  So we did our own.  He baked it and I decorated it.  Patti loaned us the cake supports from her wedding last year.  It was a devil' food cake with white sour cream icing, decorated classic style with a large white rose on the very top of the uppermost tier.

The only music we had for the ceremony was the Wedding Song.  George had played it for me when he first proposed to me last August.  Even then we decided that it would have to be in our wedding.  During the reception we had various selections on record.  We simply went through our records and picked out our favorites.  Guests could play what they wanted.

We had two attendants, Frederick Lee and Laura Lee.  Uncle Fred had just recovered from major surgery, but he was determined to make the wedding.  Laura had missed being in her sister's wedding earlier this spring, so I asked her to be in mine.  I had taken her place in the other wedding.

We had a wonderful wedding!  Our close friends and neighbors shared it with us.  We hope this short description will help you share in this occasion to some extent as well.  Most of you are too far away to drop in on Albuquerque at a moment's notice, so we have written down some of the details to drop into your mailbox instead.

George & Sharon Lee | Announcement and Letter | Photos